Cohiba Behike a traditional brand

In 2010, Cohiba formally unveiled one of its exclusive cigars ever. The cigar obtained extensive reviews in the time of discharge which range from over-priced into the ideal cigar that the widow had tasted. I know that if a cigar is priced at the maximum end of the purchase price range for a specific item, there’ll often be bitterness connected with this. On the other hand, the truth they’re priced at the”exclusive” finish is possibly why they’re always sold out two decades following their launch. Among the greatest cigars to come from Cuba in a very long time can also be among the very, if not THE most expensive to emerge the Isle and consequently, individuals will have varying views, often erroneously, due to the price.

How to Buy Cohiba Behike?

Why is the Cohiba Behike so unique is that unlike most other Cubans, this cigar, so for all intent and goal actually needs no aging in substantial part because of the simple fact that the cigar is basically constructed with obsolete tobacco. By way of instance, the filler consists of tobacco called medio tiempo that’s a sun-grown foliage that develops on very top of cigarette plants. Not many tobacco plants create this foliage though but it’s regarded as full-bodied and packed with coffee-like tastes with a very creamy texture to smoke. Basically, this foliage has components of tobacco leaf which has been outdated and, in spite of youthful medio tiempo, an individual can detect exactly the identical creamy, earthy and coffee-like tastes of a well-aged cigar. The BHK comes from 52, 54 and 56 that contrasts with their own ring gauges also, after scraped for humidity, may be smoked”from the box”.
I have been fortunate enough to get 2 boxes from Cuba and in Cuban pricing. In 180 Cuban mph Notebook, the 10-count box exercised into 18.00 Cuban Pesos each rod.

All these cigars promote quickly where they’re, suggesting that the cost isn’t keeping people from indulging in the joy. I will comment more about this afterwards. First, however, let us talk about such cigars of that I’ve 1 box abandoned, using smoked the last person from my very first box only a couple of weeks past.
It’s a nearly effortless wrapper and if there’s some veining current, it’s absent from any deflecting ones. The cigar is company and equally packed without a detectable delicate spots. The gorgeous group contains two security holograms onto it. Really this cigar, alongside the exact lush packaging looks the most part. The ring is meticulously applied into the cigar also comes away with relative ease in order to not harm the cigar at all. When you buy cohiba behike , it includes a pigtail and a really inviting sheen into the wrapper that’s simply a bit darker/redder compared to a colorado colour foliage. The cigars come at a lacquered box that itself comes in a loaf. Really wonderful. The box has been shut magnetically and that I now use my empty box because a sterile box onto my desk at which I normally set the cigars I mean to smoke in the subsequent 24 hours.


In the tasteful pigtail into the ideal cuts in the foot into the perfectly employed triple cap. The cigar is placed together by Cuba’s very best rollers and it surely shows. The attraction of this cigar was great. Only the perfect quantity of immunity and each draw afforded clouds of thick, weatherproof smoke. The burn has been outstanding and never having smoked 10 today, I will say they’re quite consistent in this aspect. I can not appear to remember ever needing to touch up these and most surely they never needed that a re-light of any sort. So, not one of the structure or look ratings matter whether the cigar does not taste great.


I have smoked cheap cigars that tasted amazing and I have smoked expensive cigars that tasted just like moist sod wrapped in spent cigarette wrappers. It’s reasonable to state I do not think anybody who cigarettes this cigar is going to be let down. I will honestly say for the very first time in quite a while, smoking that the Cohiba Behike BHK 52 actually sparked all of my perceptions at precisely the exact same time blending everything into a great 70 minutes adventure. Even following smoking 10 of these, my expertise never changes.
The cigar begins with a rather creamy, velvety smoke which leaves an extremely pleasant sheen onto your palate which never disappears. The smoke output in the instant that you light it changes, staying consistently creamy and thick.
The first tastes are caked with some quite nice earthiness and minor coffee tastes. You’re able to state they are typical of this top quality Cohibas but there’s an extra dimension to such cigars on light them which can readily be found. Prerhaps it’s that they are so smokeable straight from the box.
From the time that the first third of this cigar is completed, you have gone through some quite complicated flavors that lots of cigars lack throughout their whole smoking period. I picked up traces of vanilla, cherry, ground, cedar and a few small citrus, constantly coming and going all of the while using that nice saltiness about the lips which just a Cuban cigar could provide. The spice was always there however neatly packed away in the rear of the palate rather than getting into the way of their enjoyment of this cigar.
The next third of this cigar proceeds to provide me some thing different with every draw. The main tastes stay chocolaty, woodsy and java but there are always indications of flavour coming to the profile. Now I begin to pick up traces of citrus, vanilla along with the sweetness much like that of a thick cherry or some perfectly brewed espresso with the ideal quantity of crema on top. So many tastes but nevertheless so absolutely balanced.
That I begin to discover a few leather notes because I approach the halfway point of this cigar with some rather sweet smoke. I liken the smoke into the memory of a totally designed cappuccino. It’s a really pleasant feel really.
The cigar proceeds to provide very intricate and exceptionally pleasing tastes right before the end. Attempting to crack down every third is moot because of this kind of nice and profoundly intricate cigar since it’s continually evolving as it.
This cigar requires you onto a really pleasant trip. Some rather sweet flavors which are sometimes mixed in with a few areas where you can select up some sour coffee, dark chocolate, cedar and leather. The transition out of sweetness into the occasional nice bitterness is smooth and well mixed. The bitterness is not a troubling bitterness but much more like the tastes one receives from an excellent dark chocolate or sour espresso, no matter how the small hints of citrus and vanilla magnificently balance all of it.
You are aware that it’s there, it’s clearly detectable at the end but not gets into the way of their enjoyment of this cigar. There’s only enough of it and also just when the cigar wants it. I’ve been smoking cigars for 20 decades and I could honestly state I have had perhaps 5 brands which had this kind of intricate flavour profile with a seemingly ideal mix and transition.
Like I said at the start, this cigar actually uses all 5 of the own senses. First and above all, the flavor is something which when you smoke , you can’t forget. You’re continuously challenging your palate seeking to select out another enjoyable flavour notice. All the while you’re able to notice that cigar trimming with each draw as the eyes stay fixed on these thick white clouds of smoke, in other words, if it’s possible to take your eyes away from the gorgeous ring that permeates the cigar. In the end, when listening, tasting, smelling and looking the encounter is not sufficient, you’ll be more than happy with the ideal equilibrium of the well constructed cigar. You are able to feel its perfect construction and ideal balance in mind whilst taking in this cigar has to offer you. It’s really an aficionado’s expertise and such a joy to view Cuba setting a genuine standout.


This is maybe the most problematic part of this inspection and some other review for this issue. What’s worth after all? Many will hate the cigar only due to the purchase price. There’s not any way they will spend as much cash on 1 cigar however the very same individuals will certainly seek out the very best bottle of wine or soul of the pick. There’s admittedly a snare when reviewing something overly expensive. It’s not hard to just adore the cigar since you’re receiving an opportunity to smoke something really private and expensive in an effort to justify the price .
I find myself wondering some people today spend more cash on the”greater” jar of wine, or else about the XO cognac or even the scotch with more era for this? It is simple. Since we need the very best our money can purchase. It is because people who do, just like what they’re spending their money and do not mind paying that bit extra to make sure they appreciate their expertise.
Surethis cigar doesn’t fall into each smoker’s character but are some of those above spirits. That does not always make those goods”bad value”. In that respect, and obviously taking under account my BHK 52’s were bought at Cuba, the solution is the un-resounding”yes”. Can I spend $40.00 to get you personally? Surely, but not at precisely the exact same amount but surely for this moment when I genuinely wish to sit and understand that I am going to experience something unique.
I know not every smoker will have the ability to have these cigars at Cuban rates but not each spoonful of good spirits can get their hands on duty free spirits possibly but they still continue to shell out money on which they perceive are the very best their money can purchase and when the very best your money can purchase comprises a BHK 52 afterward I do not have an issue with that.
Overall, worth is considered to be worth the price of entry. A cigar could have enormous price but taste awful. A fantastic tasting cigar may not be well worth the cash spent on it as you can find better cigars obtainable for the purchase price. On the other hand, that the Behike, cost aside, is maybe the very best cigar I’ve smoked in the previous ten decades or so for this reason aloneit had been worth every cent. As a smokerI got outstanding value for my own cigar encounter.
When appraising value we have to also think of the marketplace this cigar is made for. So as I mentioned it was worth every cent since the encounter that I had from smoking it had been just what I’ve been waiting for out of a cigar for a lengthy period and so is unique for anything else out there on the industry.

Total Rating:

In summary, it’s simple to state that I have fallen into the trap of attempting to justify this expensive cigar nevertheless I could both state that a few critics of this cigar have been basing their expertise on the purchase price tag also. Bear in mind, I totally loathed the Alec Bradley Prensado,” regardless of how it had been called the cigar of this year and in the time appeared it had been in fashion to just like this cigar for a consequence without realising it. These Prensado Churchill cigars are not cheap in Canada following our taxation are included to the pricing and readily surpass $20.00 a cigar. The purpose is that agreeing the purchase price , the BHK 52 is well worth every penny paid to get this and actually provides an aficionado a glimpse in to the world of that which exactly a cigar was intended to taste like. Not unlike a number of the greater end Padron collection of cigars, this cigar is supposed to appeal to the real aficionado that enjoys an excellent cigar and is ready to cover the experience. It’s actually a very unique and satisfying experience. It is like sipping on a sniffer of Louis XIII p Rémy Martin Cognac or appreciating a jar of their greatest red wine to the wine list in your favorite fine dining area. You do it as you would like to appreciate your experience.
I definitely wouldn’t call this cigar an”daily” smoke due to its cost but again, in the actual world, Louis XIII p Rémy Martin Cognac and also the very best red on the listing are not daily drinking spirits . But this cigar, such as those spirits that are fine, is that there for all those times if you would like to unwind and take on a glorious 70 second trip of the senses. The very best part isthat you understand what it is that you will get to your money since the consistency which communicates the cigar’s profile along with structure therefore simply astonishing.
I trust you have enjoyed this particular review.

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